Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Darbee had her first EUA on the 21st. Like all things done in the OR we did not know the time until 4:30 on the 20th so we went up to SLC got a hotel and went and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was really good until Darbee had a melt down and then I was so frustrated I made it not fun for everyone else.

After dinner we did a little shopping then went back to the hotel where we swam for an hour. Darbee screamed the first 15 minutes but then relaxed and enjoyed being with Daddy.

The next morning we had to be there at 8:30 with her OR time set for 10am. We took Tanessa with us not thinking about but this is as far as they let her go. Rhett and her had to go down in the waiting room they said it was because of it being flu season and her being in school. We understood.
This is what happens when they have to try to take her blood pressure. They decided it would be better after she was asleep.
After some Mommy snuggles and the nurse leaving she was better.
She loves this little corner of the pre op room. She will rock on the horse, play with the kitchen, and play with the babies. After getting her eye dialated she was done. She sat in my lap and we rocked. She did not get back until 10:30.

Tanessa was really good I had her bag full of toys and coloring books. Rhett said she mainly watched Netflix, thanks for the free wifi.
Is was only about 10 minutes from the time I made it to the waiting room that the doctors can and talked to us. They said her right eye looks GREAT no tumors at all. The plastic surgeon was able to come and look at her left eye socket and said it looked good but the conformer (clean leans used to keep muscles from growing together) had come out and she put a new one in and told us to make sure it stays in and if it comes out we have 24 hours to get it back in. Also told us her stitch was gone for a long time she is just choosing not to open it and they also think her muscles are not being pushed on enough to use, they are sure with the prosthetic eye it will push it enough. 
As soon as I went to get her she was crying and never stopped until we got into the car. They only gave her sleepy has no IV! We went and had lunch in Provo and she has another melt down. She road really good in the car all the way home. Once we were home I changed her bum and was unpacking when she came and found me and was chewing on something, I got it out of her mouth and it was the conformer. I quickly picked her up and took her next door to the eye doctor and he very nicely put it in and gave me some drops of she did it again. She has started to open her eye more and more and it is great to see.

We get her prosthetic eye on the 10th and 11th of February. Then the next EUA is on the 14th of April.

Biggest hurdle is the insurance with the genetic testing. We sent in our 3 appeal we hope this time it works!