Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hard Day

IYesterday was a hard day and I knew it would be. It started the night before with Tanessa waking me up at 11:30, her cold was worse. Once I got her back to bed we had a pretty quiet night. Then Darb was up at 6:30am, Tanessa got up at 7:00am still not feeling good and running a little fever. We got everyone dressed ran to go see Dad then went to get medicine for Tanessa since she was staying home. Then it was off to the doctor for Darbee's well child check. She looked great, but they wanted to recheck her iron since it had been low. Well it was even lower, so they gave her the 2 immunizations she needed then told us that afternoon to go get some blood drawn. We went home had lunch then nap time. Her legs hurt so bad she napped almost the entire time on me. Then we went to the school so I could do my cross-guard (new job that day) then we picked up Dad and headed to hospital. So glad Dad was there to hold her, she has small veins like me and it took 2 tries and lots of fishing to get 3 vials. After we got home the only thing that made it better was M's. So glad that day is over.