Monday, August 10, 2015


 For Spring Break we went to the Zoo before heading up to Wyoming.  First stop at the zoo was the mother's room to nurse Darbee.  So Nessa thought it would be funny to put my sunglasses on.

 Tanessa's favorite animal right now is the zebra so we went and found them first, then went to lunch, we learned the hard way to bring our own lunch and pay an arm and a leg to eat their lunch.
It was a really cold day, we even drove in a snow storm on the way up there.  I thought there would be more people at the zoo with it being spring break for almost all the state, but because of the cold there really wasn't a crowd. 
 Had to get a picture of Tanessa getting a drink out of the lion!

 Darbee wasn't to sure about the zoo, I think it was just too cold.  When we went to see the elephants the trainers where out working with them and she really did enjoy seeing them.

 Darbee and I were ready to go, I was cold and tired and so was Darbee.  Tanessa could have stayed a lot longer.  So I finally talked her into riding the train and going to Wyoming.  She loved the train ride.  We all did.  Just wished the zoo was bigger, it is better than when we went a few years ago, but nothing like the Denver zoo that we went to last year.