Sunday, December 14, 2014


After her party we went to deliver some cupcakes to a friend who has the same birthday.  We then ran home, she opened up 2 more gifts, then we ran to the church to meet SANTA!!!  Nessa did a good job and told him her "order" so the elves can start working on them.  She wants a LaLa Loopsy Doll, a Frozen music box, and make up.  Darbee wants a doll and bath toys.  Darbee even sat on his lap.  I didn't get a smile, but she didn't scream so I consider that a win.  After Santa we went into the chapel for a Christmas program from the primary and Nessa played an angel, that is why she is in all white.  other wise you would never see her in all white.  She is her father's child.