Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blessing Day

Rhett was able to give Darbee her blessing in August.  It was a wonderful day.  Both my brothers and their families made it down.  Jeff family was here for less then 24 hours because of their busy schedule.  Brian sent some of his kids with Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson and then got up really early with the rest to make it to the 9am blessing.  Grandma Debbie and Papa Dick went and picked Great Grandma Verba up and brought her.  Then Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson brought down Great Grandma Bruce.  Uncle Ike and Aunt Lynn also made the trip down.  The weather was not real hot so the kids could play outside and our house was not a hot box.

 Rhett as always did an amazing job on the blessing.  He blessed her with strength and that she would love to learn.  But I think the most beautiful thing he blessed her with was friendship.  He blessed her that she would be friends with her sister and turn to her when ever she needed.  He also blessed her to be close and be friends with her cousins.

 She wore the blessing dress I wore and that Tanessa also wore.  I had the little white flip flop made for her so she will have something special that were just her's.  She did really good and didn't fuss while she was being blessed.  As soon as Rhett was done and brought her back and sat down with her she spit up all over him.  At least she waited until it was over.  It was a very special day!

I love my family very much and am very glad that I get to be with them for eternity.


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beautiful day!

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