Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fish

Oh the Fish!  The boys made it home great with great stories and pictures the only thing they didn't make it home with was 250 pounds of fish.  Each person (3 in their group) brought home 100 pounds of fish in 2 boxes.  Well only 1 box made it to Salt Lake City.  The men went and made the ticket claim, was told the fish was in a freezer in Seattle and would be on the first flight to SLC the next day.  The air line would then overnight FedEx them to their houses.  So the men came home.  After getting home we realized FedEx does not deliver on Saturday in Richfield and they don't have freezers at their hub.  So we loaded up the truck went to the airport and picked up the fish.  We then delivered the 150 pounds to the other guys by meeting them at Little America.  It was a long day in the truck, but well worth it to make sure that fish was good and frozen!