Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Part 4

The motorcycle!  On the way home I-70 had some snow problems, parts were under chain law, so I was freaking out, bad, and Rhett didn't want me to go into labor, so we went the LONG LONG way home.  We went up to Laramie then across I-80 and down through Utah County and home.  It took us 12 hours and I even got to drive from Wamsutter to Evanston.  It was a good trip, but we all were excited to be home.  The next day Rhett had to drive to St. George so he was all road tripped out for a few weeks.  Tanessa was suppose to go to preschool, but we were not moving to fast so she stayed home and we just unpacked and got some grocery shopping done.  Tanessa loves to go on rides with her Daddy on the bike, but I have yet to go.  Might will be brave enough by the end of summer!