Thursday, May 08, 2014


 For Valentine's Night we went out to dinner.  At this restaurant they let the kids pick a prize out of the treasure chest if they are good.  Tanessa got a popper.  Both Rhett and I had them growing up.  They look like a bouncy ball cut in half.  You turn them inside out and set them on a hard surface and they pop up.  Well I learned the hard way growing up you can suction them to your skin so they stick to it, but it causes a bruise, almost like a hickey.  I caught Nessa doing this to her arm and told her not to do it, so she listened to me about not doing it on her arm and instead did it 3 times on her forehead.  Thus the lovely bruise in the middle of her forehead.  It almost looked like a heart.  It took a couple days for it to go away and every time I saw it I just giggled to myself!