Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tanessa, Super Kid

Tanessa was chosen to be the Special Person at Preschool.  She was suppose to bring in a couple pictures of herself and then some objects that remind her parents of her.
 The objects I chose for her to take was her stuffed cat Saraphena (she LOVES stuffed animals, she sleeps with 3 every night), her pink tiarra (she is our princess and she loves dress-up , and a baby (she is definitely a little Momma).
 The pictures we chose were one of her smiling and one of her Mom, Dad, and her on her blessing day.  We also put a picture of Ranger since he is her favorite thing.  I listed some of her favorites too;
Color: Pink
Food: Oatmeal
Drink: Juice
Person: Halle (cousin)
Toy: unicorn
Movie: Mickey Mouse
 At school they asked her some questions about her favorite things.
Food: Cereal (which she only likes as a snack with no milk on it)
Color: Pink
Movie: The Princess and the Pop Star
Hobby: help do laundry
Toy: dolls
Brothers: 0
Sisters: 0
Dog: Ranger
Cat: 3
 She is definitely a very special kid!!!!
She got to bring her favorite treat to school too.  She wanted to make sugar cookies so we made Easter sugar cookies with pink, yellow, and purple frosting!!  Yummy!


Jen said...

She is a special girl!