Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It has been so cold here in central Utah that Nessa and I have started trying to do something "fun" everyday. It keeps her happy and going, and it keeps my depression at bay a little bit more.  
 Grandma Debbie gave her 4 princess, fairy, mermaid, and all things sparkly for Christmas.  This books have craft and cooking things to do.  This day we decided it was time to make a princess castle.  We put it on the inside of her door, so she can see it at night.
 She told me we needed to put it there because she needed something to look at while she is trying to sleep.

Last night I told her to look at her castle as she was trying to go to sleep so she would have good dreams (she is having bad dreams and is thinking there are monsters in her room).  She said, "Mom I will try but I just don't know what I will think about to dream."  What a smart and silly girl!