Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve was quiet the day.  First of all it snowed all day.  Which is good in most ways, but with my anxiety and my parents traveling it was not good for me.  In the afternoon Nessa and I went to Rhett's office to help him move into a different office, we got everything moved and hung up for him.  We then came home and made cookies while we waited for my parents.  Nessa was more excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson then for Santa to come.  We then went out for a Chinese dinner, came home and opened up Christmas jammies, then went to bed.  About 1:30 in the morning I heard Nessa starting to cry, I went to see what was wrong and she said her tummy hurt.  I got the bucket and gave her a pepto then we both went back to bed.  A few minutes later I heard her moving so I went to check on her and she started getting sick. Well I stayed with her in her room and for the next hour she got sick.  After that she went to sleep and slept all night.  I ended up falling asleep in her room, I do have to say that the hardwood floors were not very comfy but my back actually felt better.