Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I got a phone call from my Mom early one morning, always makes my heart jump, she wanted to know if Tanessa and I would go with her and the middle group of grandkids to Disney on Ice.  I of coarse said yes.
 It was a lot of fun.  Tanessa didn't quiet know what we were going to go see, she thought we were going to a movie.  Aunt Jodi was nice enough to let us meet at her house, and then let us use her car so we could all fit in it.  Once we got there Grandma let each grandchild pick out a toy.  Halle, of coarse  picked out a white horse from Cinderella, Tanessa picked out a Snow White Princess Barbie, Landon picked out a stuffed Stitch, and Seth picked out the binoculars from Toy Story.

 Grandma also got a bag of cotton candy for all of them to share.  These two boys had never had it before and they thought it was wonderful!!!
Tanessa was by far the most entertaining to watch.  She LOVED it.  When Snow White came out she held up her doll and said, look there is my doll.  If a skater waved up our way, she waved right back.  She kept telling Grandma, I LOVE THIS!!!!  On the way home she said a prayer and she asked that she could go please go back again.  What a great day to spend the day!!!