Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween felt a little rushed.  We dropped Rhett off at work at 5pm, came home unpacked the car, put her costume on, put her make-up one, grabbed her bucket and ran out the door.  We went for about 40 minutes then we went and picked Rhett back up, picked up our traditional pizza, took Rhett home to cook the pizza and hand out candy, then we went back out for about an hour.  She had a BLAST.  She was Merliah the Barbie Princess Mermaid.  She wanted to be Ariel until I told her she couldn't have a green tale then, so then we had to change so that she could have a pink tale.  I did make the costume and it wasn't perfect or the cutest I have made, but it worked great for her.

She really was very happy, but she was soo tired, that is why she is not smiling very good for me.