Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well on Saturday we got SPOILED by Grandma Debbie and Papa Dick.  They took us to Lagoon and although I was not looking forward to going I really did have a great time!  We got there a little before it opened so we were in the park when it opened.  Dick, Tanessa, and I went towards the kiddie rides and Rhett and Debbie went to the big rides.  We met back in an hour.  We didn't have to wait in lines and I don't know who had more fun, Debbie, Tanessa or Rhett as you can see (if you can see) in the pictures below of Rhett on the Merry go Round.  Nessa rode it 3 times!!!

 She even got Papa to take her on the Merry go round.  Not as good as our niece getting him on a roller coaster, but we still considered it a win.

 These things were Nessa's favorite.  I HATE THEM!!! So I was glad that Rhett and Debbie took her on them.

 After lunch Grandma took her to get her face painted while Rhett and I went and did a few bigger rides.  She looked so cute, she even fell asleep while they were doing it.  In these pictures she was really mad because she wanted to keep riding the ride she just got off.  After taking these pictures I noticed she has something in her hand, it was a $20 so now she gets to buy something with her money.

 This ride scared me because she was leaning all the way forward looking over the safety bars.  I had to walk away because I knew she was having fun and she was with her Daddy.

Like I said Rhett had just as much fun as Tanessa, once she figured out she could ride some of the bigger rides, yes she is that tall, she wanted nothing to do with the little rides.  Can't wait to take her back next year!