Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Rhett is in the middle of his elk hunt, so he is gone weekends, he does come home for church on Sunday, but this weekend he went up and he lost his phone.  So he decided 3 sets of eyes was better than his, so we loaded up and went on a hike.  We got rained on so we didn't get to look too good, and we did not find it.  We did have fun.  On the way up Rhett lead and Nessa followed behind, singing, fighting bad guys, and picking alot of flowers.  On the way down, she lead and she did pretty good, once she understood we were telling her to walk slowly for a reason, not just to be mean.  As soon as we got back to the truck it started to dump on us, and then as soon as we started back down to the main road it started to hail, so we were very glad we turned around when we did.  Nessa did awesome she walked the entire way and we figured it was between a mile and a half and 2 miles.