Thursday, January 19, 2012

 Well we did it!  We pulled off a SURPRISE Birthday Party for my Mom.  Rhett, Tanessa and I went up for the weekend, she just thought we needed a break with a long weekend for Rhett.  On Sunday we went to church with my Mom and shortly there after Brian and Jeff and all their families showed up to get things ready.  I have to give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Jodi and Jen for doing everything.  We had an Olive Garden theme so we each made a pasta dish and we had salad and bread sticks.  Taylor made cake pops and we also had cake and ice cream. 
 Jodi put together a Atkinson Grandkids got Talent Show.  Tanessa sang Itsy Bitsy Spider and I Am A Child of God.  There were alot of people there (Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Great Grandma Bruce, Great Uncle Roger, Great Uncle Richard, Great Aunt Dauna, Uncle Brian, Aunt Jodi, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jen, Eric, Rikki, Jocelyn, Payton, Taylor, Logan, Halle, Braxton, Tim, Landon, Seth, Sydney, and Eddie).  She sang very quietly, but she did it.
 Jen put together a Family Feud game with the theme of Mother.  She had the boys play the girls and the boys did beat the girls.  Then she had us 3 siblings do a who knows Mom best questionnaire and we all tied. 
We even had a celebrity come and sing to her.  Yes that is Billy Ray Cyrus.  We really surprised her and it was a great night.