Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today is my Mom's 60th Birthday so I would love to share 60 Reasons why I LOVE MY MOMMY!
1.Her blue eyes
2. Her smile
3.Her love of her children
4. Her love of her grandchildren
5. That she always finishes what she starts
6. That no matter what is happening in her life she will drop everything to help you
7. All the nights she sat next to my bed during my stomach problems
8. She always traveled to my track meets
9. She is creative
10. She is crafty
11. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty
12. Her knowledge of many things
13. That she loves her 3 in-law children just as much as her regular children
14. That she loves and supports her husband
15. She can just go with the flow
16. She is not afraid to try new things
17. She is slow to anger
18. She is quick to forgive
19. She cares more about those around her than herself
20. That her fear of heights doesn't stop her from doing anything
21. Her love of horses
22. How she cares for her Mother
23. How she cared for her Father
24. How she cared for her Mother and Father-in-law
25. That no matter how tired she is she will play 10 games with her grandkids
26. Her love of sports
27. Best volleyball coach!
28. You can tell that when you hurt she hurts
29. She never complains
30. That she calls me every night
31. How her hug makes everything better
32. She celebrates even your littlest accomplishments
33. How she decorates the house for holidays
34. That she has soo many Christmas trees to make sure that everyone feels special
35. Her ability to make baby and toddlers feel at ease
36. That she came and spent a week with me after I had Nessa
37. Whenever she comes to visit, even though it is her vacation, she won't let you do anything
38. No matter how bad the present is you give her (like one year when I was little I gave her a maternity shirt) you think it was what she has been hoping for.
39. She taught me to support all those around me.
40. She taught me that it is great when your family is your best friends
41. She has self confidence
42. You never know when she is sick
43. She listens
44. Her advice
45. She gives advice, but then tells us it is our life our choice
46. No matter what she supports us
47. Each grandchild is her favorite
48. She doesn't hold it against me that because of when she was pregnant with me she has been allergic to chocolate
49. She taught me to cook
50. She taught me to bake
51. Her love of chocolate, yes she still has a few pieces
52. Her knowledge of the gospel
53. That she is proof that you can work, play, and do your church calling
54. Her knowledge of life
55. That she makes every customer a friend
56. No matter how far away her friends move she still takes time to make sure they are good
57. Her sense of humor
58. That even at her Birthday Party she was still cleaning up and we had to keep reminding her to sit down and enjoy!
59. Her testimony
60. That even though we had a ruff years, my teenage years, she is my best friend and I Love her!