Tuesday, December 27, 2011

 The day after Thanksgiving we were going to go and have my fabulous sister-in-law take our family photos.  Since it has been 2 years.  I had to bribe Rhett with having Ranger in the pictures to get him to do it, but things didn't work out that way.  Jen had to push the appointment back because our friend Dr. Lester called and had a chance to fix Jen's tooth, so she jumped on it (I don't blame her there).  So we packed up and was heading over to Lyman to see Grandma and Grandpa Arnell.  Half way into town the truck started acting up.  And then when we got into town and shut the truck off it went from ok to worse.  We tried to call a couple of people and couldn't get anyone since it was still a holiday.  We finally got ahold of someone and he came and looked at it and said it was not good.  So we drove it up to his shop and it was even worse.  Well he couldn't figure out what was wrong so we called the company that we first called but they were closed.  They came and got the truck.  Well when they called they had good news and bad news.  The good news it wasn't the engine that we thought it was, but the oil cooler pump.  So it was still expensive, but it was not as expensive as a new engine.  We were able to get it fixed and bring it home the next week when we went home.  We were grateful we weren't on the interstate when it happened and that it wasn't a new engine.  So while we were waiting at my parent's store for Rhett's parents to come and get us so we could go get their truck, so Rhett could go home for the week, while Nessa and I stayed at my parents house.  Jen finished with her dentist appointment so she come over and took Nessa's 3 year pictures.  I love them.  Now to find time and someone to take our family pictures.