Friday, September 09, 2011

 After Landon's Baptism all the Atkinson family loaded up into 3 vehicles and headed to Laramie.
 We all went to the University of Wyoming vs. Weber State football game.
 Rhett, Tanessa, my Mom, my Dad, and myself sat in some seats we were given by a family friend.  With Halle joining us the first half of the game and Taylor the second half.
 It was fun, but it was getting down right cold by the end of the game.  We heard after the game with the wind it was 42.

 Tanessa LOVED the game.  She cheered when her Dad and Grandpa cheered, she sang the beer song, and lasted until 2:00 minutes left on the game clock.  Then she snuggles into Grandma and went to sleep.

It had been almost 5 years since Rhett and I had been to Laramie and boy has it changed.  The married student housing bungalows that Rhett and I first moved into after we got married are no longer there.  It was sad to see them gone, but they were old 13 years ago when we moved into them.  Also sad we can't show Nessa were we used to live.

Fun weekend was had by all!