Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is a very special day.  It is my Dad's 60th Birthday.  So to tell him how much I love him and how special he really is I thought I would put 60 things I love about him on here.
  1. his giving spirit
  2. his sense of humor
  3. his laugh
  4. his smile
  5. his knowledge
  6. to me he is the horse whisperer
  7. his ability to calm
  8. his craftyness
  9. his sense of style
  10. his work ethic
  11. his love of the outdoors
  12. his cooking
  13. his sense of adventure
  14. his kindness
  15. his sweet tooth
  16. his story telling
  17. he can fix anything
  18. how he can mud
  19. how he can do electric
  20. how he can invision home improvement projects
  21. always putting others first
  22. his love of ranching
  23. his love of animals
  24. his patience
  25. his ability to teach
  26. he can think out of the box
  27. he can turn nothing into something
  28. how he takes care of my Mom, his wife
  29. how he takes care of Grandma Bruce
  30. that he still goes to the cemetery
  31. he is a great friend
  32. the presents he gives
  33. how he can spoil just about anybody
  34. how he can play
  35. his love to wrestle
  36. his love of tasty ears
  37. how he still checks on me at night while I am sleeping at his house
  38. his I can do anything attitude
  39. his independance
  40. how he never lets you know any of his fears
  41. how he can go on no sleep and you would never know
  42. that he still teases me
  43. how he can find joy in anything
  44. his attitude of it is just material things don't worry
  45. his no worry attitude
  46. his love of family
  47. his love of family history
  48. how he will do anything to make his children and grandchildren happy
  49. how proud he is of his grandchildren
  50. how he raised us 3 kids to know what is right and wrong
  51. how he was strict, but we knew it was for the best
  52. his acceptance
  53. his gratitude for everything
  54. how he is protective
  55. the jokes he tells
  56. how he loves to just sit and BS with you
  57. that he excepts his in-laws as if they really were his kids
  58. his strenghth
  59. his love of movies and reality tv
60.  That he is my Dad and that I know he loves me no matter what and he will do anything for me and has done so much for me.  Love you Dad!