Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 Rhett's Mom come down last week and took Nessa and I on a little vacation to St. George to spend some time with Grandma Verba and to get her ready to head up to Afton on Saturday. Rhett and his Dad stayed with the dogs at our house until Friday afternoon and then they joined us.
 Tanessa has been doing pretty good with the hole potty thing, until this little trip, and now I feel like we are starting all over.
 Tanessa "shared" a bed with me.  The first morning I woke up with her like this.  Right in the middle of the bed.  The next morning she was clear up against the headboard.  She is a silly sleeper.
 I forgot the stroller so when we went to the mall, after a long day of shopping, we got the mall stroller for her and it worked! As long as it was moving she was happy to ride in it!
 Tanessa with Great Grandma Verba.  It was in the 90's while we were there so we had to sit out in the shade!

 Grandma Arnell wanted us to have a girls night out.  So we went to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama, then she took us to see the movie Rio.

 Love that face!
 And it was in 3D.  Nessa left her glasses on until the 1st time one of the bird flew towards her and then that was that.  She and Great Grandma watched the movie without their glasses.

 Saturday morning Grandma Arnell had an appointment so we found a park and we played at it while waiting for her.  This little girl LOVES the park!


Jen said...

so fun!