Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am trying to figure out what tile to put on our new little breakfast bar that my Dad and Rhett built almost 2 months ago.  I have decided to tile it, but can't decide on what color of tile.  So here are the 3 choices.  Just let me know what one you like the best.

 Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3


Jen said...

I like 2 :)

Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

i like #1

Sarah Romer said...

I think even more important than the tile color is the grout color!! Coming from a girl who lived with tiled floors in AZ for 4 years, pick a grout that will hide stains. scrubbing grout is NOT FUN!!!

Chelsea said...

I like #2. Sorry I missed you a week ago.