Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 We went to the dentist on the 5th and it was the 1st time Tanessa went.  She sat in the chair as they moved it up and down, she opened her mouth and let them look around with the mirror.  They only thing she wouldn't let them do it polish them.  The funny thing was every time they asked her to open her mouth this is what they got.  She even smiled like this for the picture to put in her file.
 After the dentist we went to story time and they celebrated the library's 97th birthday.  They gave all the kids the noise blowers and a hat.  It took Tanessa awhile to figure out how to blow into the noise maker to make it open up, but once she got it she never put it down that day.  Good thing it actually didn't make noise like our friend Katera's did.