Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well it happened Tanessa turned 2 on the 10th.  It wasn't the best Birthday, but I know she had fun.  We were up in Idaho for Granny Arnell's funeral.  So Grandma and Grandpa Arnell got to spend the morning with her.  She opened about half her presents then saw me packing up her DVD player (which is not new) and that was it.  We had to come home for her to open the rest. 

 On our way home we stopped in Salt Lake and went to Build a Bear.  There after trying hard to decide what animal to pick she picked the horse.  I really think the only that would have beat out the horse was an elephant, but they didn't have one.

 When we got home I was too tired to make her birthday dinner and her cake so we just took it easy and the next day we did alot for her.  We put up her bunk beds which she napped in, rearranged her room, took out some furniture, rehung some pictures, took some pictures off, it made her room look like a little girls room instead of a nursery.  We had her birthday dinner of lasagna.  And we had her cake, which she picked out the flavor, helped make, and every helped ice it.  Nessa and I also went to the light parade, but that is another post.

 Trying to put the candle out with our fingers.

 Daddy let her eat the icing off the cake while I got the plates.  She sure did like the cake.  I think that was the only thing she ate that night.

We love this little girl and count her as one of our greatest blessings.  Happy Birthday Tanessa Kathryn Arnell!