Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tanessa and I were lucky enough to stay at my parents home the week after Thanksgiving.  Which was as good thing because our furnace went out when Rhett got home and we just got it fixed a week and a half after it died.

My Mom every year has a Christmas tree for each grandchild and if that grandchild is around after Thanksgiving they get to decorate their tree.  Nessa thought that was so much fun!

Nessa's has rocking horses on it.  Each tree is different and makes it that much more special for each child.

My parents got this big Coca-Cola bear for selling Coke at their store and all the grandchildren LOVE it.  It is so big and so soft.  It is already ripped from getting so many loves.

 Also while we were there Nessa, Grandma, and I got our hair cut by cousin Becky.  She did such a good job.  Grandma and Nessa just got a trim (it was the first time Nessa has had a haircut) and I got 4 inches cut off.

As long as Grandma was playing with play dough with Nessa she was happy and didn't care that Becky was playing with her hair.  Right after that Nessa spiked a fever of 103 and was really sick.  After taking her to the doctor she had strep and hand, foot, and mouth.  Poor little girl was really sick!


Jen said...

Poor girl! Hope she's feeling better