Friday, November 12, 2010

Nessa and I went to St. George with Grandma and Great Grandma.  And we helped paint the kitchen, bathroom, cabinet doors, and all the wood.  Nessa was such a good little girl, she watched her movies, sang, and played around.

 On our way home we ended up getting a flat tire 10 miles away from home, and we had no cellphone service.  I had never changed a tire before, so Debbie took Nessa in a stroller and went to go find a phone or cell service.  I was getting the owner manual out because I can remember Rhett telling me that you have to be careful where you put the jack, when a very nice man pulled up and asked if I needed help.  He changed the tire, got in his car, went and found Debbie and Nessa brought them back, filled the spare tire up, and then followed us on the interstate until we got off.  We were really lucky to have such a wonderful guy stop and help.
 This is afterwards, Debbie and I had had enough so they took us to Winger's for lunch!
We had a great time and was glad to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Arnell, and Great Grandma Verba!


Aunt LeeAnn said...

Thank goodness for knights in shining cars or trucks. I was hauling some siding for Bob in our truck. I went up a steep hill here in town and on one of the main streets it slid out into the middle of the street. I was by myself and couldn't lift it into the truck. A man in a white truck stopped and helped me. I was so greatful!!!!!